What our members say

At Local Insurance Advisors, we cherish the feedback we receive from the people we serve. We know that they rely upon us to guide them through a complex health insurance system and provide them with the information they need to make an informed decision. Knowing that we made an impact in a person’s life and helped them make the right choices for themselves is why we do what we do.

Local Insurance Advisors is a group of individuals that provides complete, concise, and a great variety of Medicare and supplement insurance choices.

My agent and the group of individuals that he works with ensure that you are given the time you need to walk you through the whole process. They are very flexible and will meet with you according to your schedule and not theirs. They understand and appreciate that we all work for a living and that our time is valuable.

We would recommend using Local Insurance Advisors so that you can be well-informed before you make your Medicare and supplemental insurance decisions.

Kathy D.
Midwest City, Oklahoma

Whether my need was help in navigating websites, obtaining provider information, or simply clarifying insurance coverage, my agent with Local Insurance Advisors was always timely, courteous, knowledgeable, and professional. Thank you for creating an experience that was uncomplicated and totally stress-free!

Chari D.
Midwest City, Oklahoma

It’s hard to put into words my pleasure with my agent getting me a great gap policy and drug program. Because this was my first experience after retiring, my agent walked thru and thoroughly explained the options so that all my doctors and drugs were all covered. You can’t go wrong with this team!

Jim G.
Savannah, Texas

Just wanted to share that Andy Archer went above and beyond to help us recently with finding coverage for my in-laws. She was outstanding and spent countless hours with us at our home explaining the coverage and what would be most beneficial to their medical needs. She sat with us and looked up medicine and explained the tier levels so that we could understand their coverage. She took the time to repeat herself over and over again explaining to my in-laws and never lost her patience, or mind repeating herself and trying to explain terms and the coverage in words that they could understand.

I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for an agent.

Diane B.
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Matt Houston gave a workshop at my local library about Medicare. He was very informative and answered many of my questions and concerns about Medicare. After the workshop, I made an appointment to speak to Matt about specific needs and what plans might be better for my situation. We looked at several plans. Matt was very knowledgeable about the plans and made sure the plans covered all my health issues.

Since I signed with a plan, he has been great about answering ALL of my questions. He made sure I received my cards and helps any time I have a question. He is clear, and takes the time and patience to make sure you really understand your choices.

Cheryl L.
Midwest City, Oklahoma

I want to tell you about my experience with Local Insurance Advisors. I was amazed when I learned what it has done and can do for me as I grow older each year. I heard about the insurance from my daughter and granddaughter. We scheduled an appointment for a representative to visit me at home for enrollment in November. My insurance took effect in January. My daughter turns 65 in February and she has signed up through an agent with this firm as well. Please don’t take only my word for it, talk to a representative of Local insurance advisors and find out for yourself what help they can give you. Now I can relax knowing that I don’t have to worry about my medical costs – no more copays and my prescriptions are covered 100%. I have been able to have my eyes checked and receive new glasses. I go to a pain doctor for my pain control. And I was able to get new fantastic dentures! I really like the fit. Do yourself a favor and check into your medical options open to you.

Patricia Z.