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Tom Mayes

Tom Mays

“Travis and I have worked together in the insurance industry almost our entire careers. Throughout this time, we have led some of the top independent agent teams in the country. Along the way, we also recognized some consistent deficiencies within the industry when it came to how best to support and engage the independent agent.

“We decided that by taking our proven business strategy and applying a fix to some of the deficiencies we saw in other agency models, we could build an incredible team of highly successful, engaged and supported independent agents under our own agency, Local Insurance Advisors. That’s exactly what we did.”

“Not only have we seen an incredible impact in the satisfaction level of our agents, but it also has proven to have an incredible impact in our carrier relationships, because they know the caliber of agent on our team and the training and resources we invest in them, they want to work with our agents more and partner with them more closely. It’s a win/win for everyone involved and has been a true blessing to all of us on this journey.”

Travis Branch

“Tom and I have worked together in the insurance industry for many years. We often talked about running our own agency and the things we would do to differentiate ourselves from other agencies. In 2017 that dream became reality when we started Local Insurance Advisors. Our agency is founded around deficiencies we dealt with in the industry for years. We have taken the training, support, commitment, and passion that’s typically associated with a captive team and created a program to support independent agents. Our onboarding process and support staff help every agent feel like part of a team and ensure their success.”

“Having both held leadership roles in our previous careers, we know what the carrier leadership is looking for in a trusted partner. They know that LIA has industry leading, top-quality, well-trained agents that are not only advocates for their members but represent each carrier in a professional manner.”

“We work one on one with new agents to provide industry knowledge and ensure their success. Even if someone is a seasoned pro just looking for a little support and direction, we pride ourselves on being a full-service agency.”

Travis Branch

Marketing & Social Media

Focused on providing our agents with the tools they need to successfully reach a wider audience, our Director of Marketing, Makailyn Lester, and Social Media Specialist, Breanna Branch,  support agents with agent on-boarding, exclusive training, marketing materials, social media strategies, and more. 

Makailyn Lester

Director of Marketing

Breanna Branch

Social Media Strategist

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