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Medicare Advantage is actually part C of Medicare.  It’s a way to obtain your Medicare benefits through private insurers.  The plans are required to cover all of the benefits of original Medicare at least as good as original Medicare would have and in many case even provide additional benefits and protections.  Some plans even include prescription drug coverage.

Working with a licensed, personal and professional insurance agent, like Local Insurance Advisors, has many benefits.  First, we represent all insurance carriers within each of our service areas.  So, we can work with you one on one to help to find the right plan to fit your particular needs.

Once you reach out to us at Local Insurance Advisors, we’ll happily schedule a one on one in home consultation appointment with one of our expert agents.  We’ll conduct a thorough needs analysis, explain how the programs work, cover all of the benefits in depth, and once we find a solution that fits your needs, we’ll help you get enrolled in a plan.  Additionally, our agents are trained to follow up with each of their members to help ensure that their healthcare coverage is fulfilling all of our member’s needs, and we conduct an annual review with each member to help ensure that their ongoing insurance selections are the right ones year after year.

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